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Welcome to Putney Lawn Tennis Club!

MONDAY 1st JUNE 2020


1 Who can you play with?
- Singles & Doubles: Only with other club members.
2 Court opening times
- 9am-9pm. No play before 9am (unless you have a prearranged coaching session).
- David will be working 9am-5pm Wednesday – Sunday and taking Monday/Tuesday off. When he’s at the Club, the front gate will remain open.
- If David isn’t there and the gate is locked, you must cover your hand to use both the lock and the handle. 
- When you leave the club, cover your hand when you use the handle. Signs will be posted on both sides of the gate to remind you.
- If you’re the last person to leave in the evening, please make sure the gate is properly shut behind you.
3 Clubhouse
- The clubhouse remains closed to everyone except David and the coaches.
- Lockers cannot be accessed. Please arrive ready to play.
- The loos are not in use.
- You must bring your own water, hand sanitiser and marker pen for balls (see below).
4 Court bookings
- If you haven’t got your log-in details/court booking instructions, please contact David as soon as possible.
- All courts have to be booked online.
- There’ll be a 15-minute difference in start times on adjacent courts. There’ll also be 15 minutes between each court session which will allow you a full hour’s play on the court.
- Courts can only be booked 7 days in advance.
- No member can play more than 1 hour of tennis per day (if you’re also having a coaching session, this doesn’t count).
- No member can have more than 3 bookings on the system at any one time. (Once your first booking has passed, you can then make a third booking again.)
- If, having booked the court, you subsequently find you can’t use it, then please cancel the booking as soon as you can.
- Courts 1 to 8 are bookable (including Court 5, which hasn’t been the case previously). 
- Court 6 is predominantly (but not exclusively) for those who’d like to hit against the practice wall (Note: This can be distracting if you’re playing on Court 7). You’re therefore recommended to book this court as a last option (if it’s still available).
- If you’re planning to play as a family/household where you may not all be playing at once, try and book an end court (1, 5 or 6) so that anyone sitting it out during the hour can do so at a safe distance from players on other courts.
5 On court
Arrive, play, leave. Arrive just in time for your booking (no more than 5 minutes beforehand), and leave the club promptly when your hour is up (you should be off site no more than 5 minutes after finishing).
- Do not put any belongings either on the benches or near your opponent’s belongings.
- No chatting on court please. Utilise your hour's booking to maximise your exercise.
- We recommend no changing of ends; if you decide you wish to do so, then make sure it’s at different ends of the net.
- No physical contact and no shaking of hands.
- When another player’s ball rolls onto your court, do NOT pick it up. Instead flick it back to the appropriate court with your racquet/feet. 
- Always return your opponent's ball to them by using your racquet/feet instead of your bare hands.
6 Tennis Balls/Equipment
Whilst Government/LTA guidance is that you may now use whatever tennis balls you want and to avoid touching your face when you're playing, to be on the safe side we strongly recommend that you continue as before and only use (ie touch) your own tennis balls, whether playing singles or doubles. In other words, use your own tennis balls when you're serving, keep them at the back of the court when you're not serving, and return other people's tennis balls to them by using your feet/racquet. 
- PLTC will initially provide each member with one can of tennis balls for free. These will be available outside the office window; David will keep a note of everyone who takes one. Additional cans of tennis balls can be purchased from David via contactless payment only (£4/can). New cans of tennis balls will only be available for collection whilst David is at the club (see Rule 2 above for his times). If you need to form a queue when you come to collect/buy your tennis balls, then please ensure you're the statutory 2m apart from anyone else.  
- You must very clearly mark the balls as yours immediately and before playing with them – please ensure you bring your own marker pen with you. If you’re in the same household, you can play with the same tennis balls. Otherwise each player must play with their own tennis balls.
- 1 can should last you a few sessions so please make sure to collect your balls when you've finished playing and bring them back with you next time you play.
- All players and coaches must sanitise their hands before every session and again immediately afterwards. Please make sure you bring sanitiser with you.
7 Hard surfaces
- Please be super-aware that you must not under any circumstances touch any hard surface with your bare hands. This includes door locks, handles, court latches, benches, bins, dragbrushes, net winders (net heights must not be adjusted). Signage will be there to remind you.
- Courts will be swept by David twice a day; he’ll also empty bins etc.
- On the days when David isn’t there, the coaches will drag the courts.

8 Juniors
- Junior C members (12 and under) must be accompanied by an adult from the same household when at PLTC.
- Parents are responsible for the behaviour of all Junior Members aged 17 and under at all times.
9 Coaching
- One-to-one lessons, booked directly with the coaches, will be starting up again with immediate effect.
- The coaches will be making group coaching available for up to 4 people per session (including Spanish tennis). 
- Coaching will have its own set of guidelines (as per LTA guidance); these must be followed at all times.
10 Other
- No guests until further notice.
- The First Aid box and Defibrillator will be repositioned in a plastic box underneath the barbecue.




PLTC is a thriving tennis club in Balmuir Gardens, Putney with five synthetic grass courts (four floodlit until 9pm) and five artificial clay courts (four floodlit until 9pm). Our five men’s and five ladies’ teams compete in the Surrey Leagues, and we have an active tennis and social programme for our 600 members of all ages. We also have three full-time coaches.

Founded in 1879, our facilities include a clubhouse with a function room, bar and kitchen; fully-equipped shower and changing rooms; a snooker table and a table tennis table; many board games and two television screens for watching major sporting events.

Our season runs from 1st April to 31st March each year.


If you’re interested in joining the club, please click here.